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Bored & Boring..

I haven’t written in awhile. I haven’t even been to this blog in awhile. I’m surprised people have commanded me to write, as they normally do. I’ve been sick for the past 3 weeks. Missed 2 weeks of school and a week of placement. I was coughing every 6 seconds and couldn’t stop it. Nothing worked for it. I bought the best meds I could and nothing stopped the damn coughing. It finally went away on its own. Well, it’s not completely gone, but slowly going. Which is a reason I haven’t written in the past 3 weeks — I was too exhausted to get out of bed. I also have a lot of stress going on in my head that I as usual refuse to think about, so I’ve been avoiding writing. Because when I write I tend to delve into my mind and heart to sort things out. I didn’t wanna do that. Still don’t wanna do that. So I don’t plan to.
My brother and his gf finally set a wedding date. It is to be on July 7th, 2007. In about 9 months. Should be interesting to watch it progress. I’m going to a baby shower tomorrow, that my mom is literally making me wake up early to get to my aunt’s house to help her set up and stuff. I don’t really mind because my aunt shouldn’t do everything on her own, but I rebel against waking up early when I don’t have class or placement to be at. I like sleeping in. I sleep the best once the sun is up. Always have. I know why, but won’t tell it. 😛
Midterms have come and gone in school. The major assignments of the year are upon me. I have a big ass paper to write that is due on Thursday that I haven’t even started yet. I just came up with the subject on Thursday. It is to be about "the effects of marijuana use on youth who are diagnosed with depression." Should be interesting. Especially considering that I literally pulled the thesis outta my ass and my prof actually liked it. Some people are so odd man. People like me. LoL. I just handed in a big assignment on Thursday. I was so proud of it until I actually saw what other people had done, and then I felt inadequate. But quality over quantity right? :D.
I say this all the time but I really do need to get back into writing poetry. Maybe I’ll get back into it soon. I finally bought a new sketchbook and I always get ideas to write about when I’m drawing, so I’m hoping. *fingers crossed*
Huge life changes have been made by me. I hope I don’t start to regret it. I’m living life as I see fit and trying my best to be as content as I can with what I have. It’s hard though. Life. *sigh*

On Hallow’s Eve..

Despite the title, I have nothing about Hallowe’en to write really. I’m supposed to be at placement, but I had to stay home. Because I’m sick. I have an incredibly bad cough that refuses to get better or go away. I’m taking the medicine, as nasty as it tastes, and I’m staying out of the cold and dressing warm and sleeping lots. Why won’t it go away? Anyways!

I did have a very special moment today though. There’s this little boy who is the son of a friend of my mom’s. He’s a little devil and drives everyone around him as crazy as he can as often as he can. He took a really long time getting ready to go out trick-or-treating because he didn’t like his costume. He took a fit over it. So his mom finally gets him into the clothes part of his costume but he refused to wear the mask part. It was the mask from the movie Scream. A totally cool mask, but this little 4 year old would NOT wear it. And he has 4 sisters, so they try and paint his face up using their make up, but he isn’t satisfied and continues his fit. Then he decides he NEEDS to have CRYSTAL do it. No one but CRYSTAL. So his mom calls over here and asks my mom if I will do it. My mom, of course, volunteers my services. So this little boy comes over, looking like he’s been crying for hours and sits in a chair and looks up at me hopefully. I get all my make-up together, and I have a TON, and start on his face. I decide that since he likes jack-o-lanterns, I’ll make his face look like one. I draw triangles over his eyes with black eye-liner, and a similar triangle around his nose and then fill it in with dark gray eye shadow. It looked cute. Then when I’m trying to figure out how to do his mouth, my mom says to just make it red. So I draw this big oval around his mouth with this craptacular, never worn by me, bright ass red lipstick. Then I  swirl in some gold lipstick, which by the way was my mom’s when she was my age, and there we go. A funky looking jack-o-lantern faced  vampire type thing. He looked adorable.  And satisfied. When he left my house, he finally let his oldest sister take him out for candy. It was kinda touching, that this one little boy would only go out when *I* did his face up. It was cute.

Anyways, so that was my night and I just wanted to share the touching-ness of it. 😀

Exhaustion & Stabilo..

Life is officially exhausting. I can’t think of any other way that I am feeling other than just plain TIRED. People ask how I am, I’m tired. Freaking tired beyond belief.
It’s been a long week, and the week isn’t even over yet. It’s my third week and placement and I’m taking on more responsibility in the residence that I work at. I’m working 24 hours a week, and there is always something happening. Hence the constant tiredness. I wake up, go to placement, come home, sleep. That is what my life currently consists of at the moment. Oh, and throw some classes in there too. No time for me, no time for friends, no time for family, no time for homework. I really need to get into a routine or something. Or drink more coffee, I dunno.
On a brighter note, I’m going to a Stabilo concert in a couple of weeks. I was waiting for the bus to go home the other night, and there was a paper lying beside me, so I picked it up and scanned through it. An ad for the concert stood out to me. So, the next day I called up my brother and asked if he wanted to go. So, we’re gonna go. I don’t really know anyone I’d care to spend an entire evening with that likes Stabilo as much as I do. And it’ll be nice to spend time with my brother. Except that Amanda is coming too, but sacrifices must be made, I guess. But I’m looking forward to it.
PS~ if i wanted to know about you, i’d ask.. since i haven’t, i don’t.. so just stop. ktnxbye.

Commitment and Life..

I realized something. I’m very particular about certain things. Some may say it’s because of my choice of religion. That may very well be. But I know that one particular characteristic of mine is and always has been an ingrained value. Like my choice of chastity. Sure, it’s a part of Islam, but it’s a part of me too. I chose chastity well before I chose Islam. For certain things I need commitment. Not life long commitment, but just for a while kind of commitment. I know this isn’t very specific, but it’s been on my mind for awhile and I really needed to get it out. Without telling the world the exact situation, because pretty much anyone is free to read this blog. I’m not making any sense.

Life has started an even more hectic schedule than I had in the summer. I thought I was busy then. My placement started this week, and it’s way out in Orleans, well the outskirts of Orleans and the ride is really draining. Then there’s classes. And assignments which are all due next week. And when I get home from class or placement, I promised to help a little girl with her homework every day until homework club starts up again. So I get home, have maybe a half hour to relax a bit, then I have to go down to eat dinner, then the little girl comes over and I help her with her homework, then I have my own homework to do. And by this time I have a few calls to return which I almost always return. And then I’m so burnt out that I just crash for the night. It’s pretty insane. I have like no time for me, for self care. Anyways, I’m gonna put up my schedule weekly so people can know when I’m free, if that ever happens. I’m keeping my agenda amazingly up to date so I haven’t double booked anything yet. Yet being the key word. My mind is so incredibly scrambled I can barely tell the time anymore :p. Anyways, that’s it for now.

To a Dear Friend..

I thought of you today. I think of you at least once a day, but normally just a hope and a prayer that you are well and fine. I went to the park today. The one that holds a multitude of memories for me. But today, my memories of you dominated my thoughts. This was the place where my spiritual awakening and journey began. The place that I learned how ignorant you were about certain things. You were so knowledgeable about so many things, but this one little fact blew your mind. I’ll never forget the stupefication that was plastered across your face for that one moment in time — it was truly priceless. I miss those times. I miss your wide range of knowledge. I miss the expressions that cross your face. I just plain miss you.

Yes indeed, I miss you, my friend.

Nesting & Festing..

I’m in a ‘nesting’ mood. What does that mean? Well, I consider this my ‘wife-practice’ mood. Basically, it’s the mood where I wanna do stuff around the house, such as clean and stuff. Not CLEAN, but make a home, ya know, like a nest? Anyways. I woke up this morning to a great surprise at 8am. I had a hamster crawling on my shoulder. How the heck she got on my bed, didn’t get eaten by the cat all night and managed to crawl on my shoulder is beyond me, but there she was. I woke up laughing, which is odd cause I’m not a morning person. I put her back. Went back to bed. Got up again at 10 wanting to finally do my mom’s hair. We bought streaking stuff like 2 weeks ago, and she’s been bugging me to do it, but I either haven’t been up to it, or haven’t been home. I was up to it this morning. So I did her hair (looks awesome btw, if I do say so myself). Then she did mine, added even more streaks to the skunk like streaks I had going through my hair. Then I finally put together the canopy that I’ve been wanting over my bed for 4 years. I bought it just after my brother moved out the first time. It looks pretty :). Then I darned the socks I was wearing because there was a hole in the toe that was driving me nuts. Then I went through my clothes and made a pile of clothes I never wear anymore (something else my mom has been bugging me to do). I also put all my school stuff together, such as my binder with dividers and paper and stuff, and printed out all the outlines and weekly schedules that were available. I’ve actually been productive and I feel very proud of myself. And now what I wanna do is cut my hair and dye my hair. Orangish. Tee hee. :D. I’ll do it shortly, but I need my moms help with it so I gotta wait till she’s ready. 😀

I went to Gatineau Park the other day. It was a beautiful day to go walking. I got these awesome pics of the waterfall at the end of the Waterfall Trail at Mackenzie-King Estate. The garden there is so pretty. There were two weddings going on there while we were there. It was cool. I found it amusing that neither bride was wearing white though :p. Then we took a walk to the ruins. They weren’t exactly ruins, but they were old, that’s for sure. It was beautiful :).

Nothing else really exciting has been happening lately. Well nothing I can recall at this moment. Went out quite a bit the past week or so, but other than that, nothing extrememly thrilling :P.

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